Measures undertaken to ensure safety in an epidemiological situation related to the coronavirus 2019-nCoV

Dear guests!

The management of Preslav Hotel is concerned about your health and has taken the necessary measures to ensure safety in the epidemiological situation related to the coronavirus 2019-nCov:

1. Informing the employees, guests and visitors of the hotel about the risk and the applied protection measures.
2. There is a procedure for permanent cleaning and disinfection in the hotel.
3. Compliance with the legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria
4. Availability of written instructions and guidelines on infection prevention procedures.
5. Provision of personal protective equipment for protection against biological risk.
6. Providing UVC lamps for protection against biological risk.
7. Providing rooms for quarantine of infected guests.
8. Constant monitoring of the epidemiological situation in the country and the world.
9. Continuous monitoring of the health of the hotel staff.
10. An organization has been established for timely action in case of established symptoms.
11. Providing tests.
12. Providing of medical care.


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